38 000m2 Temporary Landfill Cap Completed

We recently completed a 38 000m2 temporary landfill capping contract for a new client, who is a major national and international landfill operator, using our Power Scrim 400 and Net Down ballast system, both Power Scrim 400 and Net Down were supplied in job specific sized pre-welded panels.

A total of 27 pre-welded panels of both Power Scrim 400 and Net Down were fabricated in our fabrication workshop, the panels sizes were determined by a panel plan which was produced from a 3D topo survey supplied by the client, and then shipped to site for our HBB installation team to install.

In total 76 000m2 of materials were deployed, gas wells and leachate wells fitted with pre-fabricated top hats, supplementary ballast bags deployed and all trenches backfilled within 18 days.

The client had previously used 1mm HDPE for temporary capping applications which meant every roll width was required to be welded on site by a specialist welding contractor, by using our system the client made a very significant cost saving but still ensured that surface water and odour / gas emission control was maintained as well as conforming to their site license / regulatory requirements.

For any temporary capping applications please contact us to discuss how we can assist you.