Are Pre-seeded Mats Better than Un-Seeded Mats?

Erosion control mats and lawn seed blankets help prevent grass from growing in clusters,
ensuring a consistent look. What’s more, they minimise soil erosion. So what type of mats should
you buy – pre-seeded or un-seeded? Are pre-seeded mats better? We will answer all of these
questions in this post.

What are Un-Seeded Mats?

Erosion control mats and blankets are open-weave blankets made of biodegradable material.
They are commonly used to establish and reinforce vegetation on ditch bottoms, slopes and
shorelines. Made of porous material, these mats help promote the growth of vegetation while
protecting the soil from erosion.

Un-seeded erosion control mats are available in a wide range of options to suit the needs of your
site. Available in an array of fibre combinations, unseeded mats offer excellent erosion control.
Then there are mats made of coir fibres, jute fibres, reinforcement mesh and more. You can even
choose mats that offer additional fire protection.

What are Pre-Seeded Mats?

Pre-seeded mats, in addition to offering erosion control, offer an excellent alternative to the
traditional method of manually scattering seeds. When you scatter grass seeds, you cannot
control the occurrence of bald patches and clumps.

If patches of seeds are too dense, they may begin to strangle each other as they germinate. With a
pre-seeded mat, you can be sure that the seeds will be spread out evenly, ensuring a uniform,
consistent appearance.

The mat holds the seeds in place, ensuring they don’t get eaten by birds, washed away in rain or
dug up by dogs. In addition, it also helps prevent the soil from erosion. That’s not all. In addition
to preventing the inclement weather from disturbing the seeds, the mat also secures the right
amount of moisture for the germinating vegetation.

What’s the Difference?

While both types of lawn blankets create a secure environment for germinating seeds, there’s a
huge difference between un-seeded and pre-seeded mats. Un-seeded blankets are great when you
simply want to patch some specific places or if you are keen on growing a particular variety of

But when you opt for an unseeded mat, you must ensure that you are scattering the seeds evenly
and carefully. However, if you are not keen on the grass variety and want to ensure an even,
consistent look without bald patches, then pre-seeded mats offer an ideal option.

If your site or project needs either Un-seeded or Pre-Seeded Matts get in touch with us!
We can talk through our vast range of options and pick the right solution for you.