Attenuation Pond Liner

Today our fabrication team produced a 31m wide x 31m long pre-welded panel of our SuperFlex 750 (PP) liner for an attenuation pond lining application.

Once fabricated the panel was rewound onto a strong centre, lifting straps applied and then palletised ready for shipment to our long term, repeat client.

When received on site, the panel will be lifted into position by mechanical means, the 31m width rolled out and the 31m length pulled out from the accordion fold……no onsite welding will be required and the liner deployment will be completed within a matter of minutes!

Offsite fabrication of attenuation pond liners is one of our core applications, using our automated pre-welded panel welding technology and rewinding facility we can  produce one-piece liners up to 32m wide x 300m long!

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