Attenuation Tank Liners supplied in tank specific sized Pre-Welded Panels

We have supplied a total of 2742 m2 of our Power Scrim 600 (composite membrane) in tank specific sized pre-welded panels to a repeat attenuation tank supply and installation client.

Power Scrim 600 is a 4 layer  reinforced composite membrane which provides puncture, tear and tensile strengths equivalent to a 2mm HDPE! 1 of the 4 layers consists of a LLDPE / LDPE blend film which provides the product with very good impermeability performance, even under pressure.

By supplying tank specific sized pre-welded panels we reduce the amount of onsite welding required by at least 90%! This reduces the amount of time installation personnel spend on site and therefore provides a very significant cost saving, whilst also ensuring the highest quality welds are provided.

For any attenuation tank or pond liner requirements please contact us discuss how we can assist you with our range of liners, all of which can be supplied in pre-welded panels.