Benefits of Flex MSE Vegetated Retaining Wall Systems

Are you looking to install a retaining wall? 

The most common options include poured concrete, concrete blocks, basket systems and wood systems. While these are tried and tested systems, they are not necessarily the best. 

  • Building a retaining wall from poured concrete is not only time-consuming, but it doesn’t positively contribute to the environment. Additionally, experienced personnel and heavy equipment is needed  to construct it.  
  • Concrete block systems might be comparatively cheaper, but aren’t great to look at and have a large environmental impact.
  • Basket systems involve copious amounts of a specific type of raw material, require large foundations and are time-consuming to construct.
  • Wood systems have the shortest lifespan, so may ultimately be a more expensive option over a comparable lifespan.

That’s where Flex MSE vegetated retaining walls come into the picture. Flex MSE is a soft-engineered solution that is much tougher than it appears, while being kinder to the environment around it.

This innovative and eco-friendly building material offers a great solution to various different commercial, construction and private applications like unique landscaping, retaining walls, land reclamation, sediment control and erosion control

Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of Flex MSE vegetated retaining wall systems:


Flex MSE costs less than what it costs to build a poured concrete wall. It’s a two component system that can be installed in half the time it takes to install a concrete block wall. Moreover no specialised labour, equipment, footings, forms or rebar are needed. 

Permanent Structure

Flex MSE is built to last. With an ASTM system life rating of 120 years, it can outlast all traditional wall systems. It’s a soft, lightweight product that can be integrated with other proprietary systems easily and boasts excellent performance, even on unstable terrain and in areas with tough and limited access. 

Excellent Drainage

Flex MSE is an excellent retention solution where water factors into the equation. The system offers high settlement tolerance and drains excess water effortlessly, making Flex MSE an ideal choice in areas with water infiltration and poor soil. 

What’s more, the permeability of Flex MSE systems does away with the need for chimney drains and pipes.

Aesthetic Appeal

With Flex MSE vegetated wall systems, bid goodbye to wall staining or graffiti. No more failures from leaky soils and frost cycles either. 


Made of recycled materials, Flex MSE is a non-toxic, sustainable product that meets LEED qualifications. Moreover, installing Flex MSE installations produces 97% lower greenhouse gases compared to concrete walls. 

The Flex MSE vegetated retaining wall system needs minimal subgrade embedment or initial levelling and the flexible units adapt to trees and unforeseen bedrock. 


Flex MSE’s two-component system allows you to build a vegetated retaining wall anywhere up to 82 degrees. This versatility means you can build your wall to suit your project’s requirements. The added advantage of constructing a retaining wall that follows the natural contours of your landscape and flows over the land formations allows you to construct organic structures without having to worry about angle decisions. 

As Strong as Concrete

Retaining walls are typically created to support other structures or used as level building pads. Flex MSE is perfect for such applications owing to its excellent strength that matches that of concrete the day it’s constructed. In fact, Flex MSE only gets stronger with time as the root web from the vegetation takes hold. 

Superior Stability

Flex MSE can be used to build retaining walls of all sizes. Whether you want to build a small stream bank or a massive roadway, this product provides the stability you desire.

Our Flex MSE products

We offer Flex MSE systems in both pre-filled and unfilled bags, where on-site material can be collected and used as the filling. 

Get in touch with the team at HBB today if you are interested in our Flex MSE offering to find out more and whether it is right for your project.