Factory Welded Pre-Welded Panels and In-House Weld Testing

As a supplier of factory fabricated pre-welded panels, we take great pride in ensuring every weld we produce in our fabrication workshop is 100% on point.

We have a number of layers of welding quality control procedures which help us achieve this:

  •  Weld tests are serviced and recorded at the start of every day, after every break, at the start of every new order and after any change in weld settings. Physical weld samples are also attached to the weld test record sheets ✅
  • Every single weld serviced with our Power Scrim range are air lance tested and recorded✅
  • Every single weld serviced with our SuperFlex (PP) range are air tested and air lance tested and recorded ✅

Any defective welds are cut out, re-welded and re-tested.

For any geosynthetic cover, liner, barrier or geotextile requirements, contact us to discuss how our pre-welded panel service can benefit your next project.