Flex MSE Build Completed

The week before last we completed the installation of our largest domestic Flex MSE contract to date.
Our client wanted to raise a large section of his low-lying garden to street level to allow for a parking area, combined with a storage area for the family camper van.
Due to access restrictions and the need for 1000 tonnes of backfill to be placed, along with the curved formation of the wall, this was a slow-moving installation, however, the works were completed safely and to the complete satisfaction of our client.
At the walls highest point, it measures 3.15m and displays some awesome looking curve formations which would have been impossible with gabion baskets or a more traditional brick and mortar wall.
On completion of the build the wall was hydroseeded using a wildflower and grass seed mix, with the wildflower seed mix being sourced locally.
Assuming growing conditions allow, our client will see the first signs of vegetation within a few weeks and come next summer the wall will be fully vegetated.
As the root systems establish this wall will only become stronger and within 12 months our client will become the owner of a carbon negative wall!
For further information on our Flex MSE vegetated wall system please contact us to discuss.