Flex MSE Headwall Repair Fully Vegetated

Back in July 2020 we completed a build of our Flex MSE vegetated wall system on a headwall / outlet repair for a national utility company.
Due to embankment erosion over an extended period of time, the outlet pipe was damaged, and a repair of both the pipe and embankment were required.
Following a CPD delivered to the design company, Flex MSE was chosen as the retainment solution for this project.
We were contracted to supply and service the build of our Flex MSE vegetated wall system.
The build was completed in under two working days.
On completion of the build our Flex MSE system was hydroseeded.
Today, we visited the site and found the build is now fully vegetated, fulfilling our promise that the system would be carbon negative within 12 months.
If you have a headwall, outlet, culvert or retaining wall application, please contact us to discuss how our Flex MSE vegetated system can provide you with a cost saving and a carbon negative solution!