Gas Membranes Supplied in Pre-Welded Panels

We are looking to gauge the level of interest in HBB GeoSales offering a subcontract pre-welded panel fabrication service for gas membranes across the UK and Ireland.

We would hold stock of the clients own membrane in roll form and convert into job specific sized pre-welded panels as required for each job.

We can offer panels up to 23.5m wide x 300m long.

Goods can be branded using the clients own branding / labels and shipped direct to job sites, using the clients own delivery notes.

We operate a fully automated welding and rewind facility, where welding temperature, speed and pressure are controlled by the units onboard computer, ensuring a high quality and consistent weld.

By offering this service, the majority of welding is serviced offsite in a controlled environment, which very significantly reduces the amount of onsite welding, and therefore the time and cost of the overall installation.

We would welcome comments and feedback from those involved in the gas membrane market.