Japanese Knotweed Burial Cell Lining System

As recently reported we supplied our Power Scrim Japanese Knotweed Barrier for a burial cell lining and capping  application.

Below you can see the preparation of the cell, placement of a ‘fluff’ layer of sand, deployment of a 32m wide x 64m long panel of our Power Scrim barrier as the base liner and the early stages of placing soils contaminated with JKW.

Once the cell is ‘full’ a lid panel of our Power Scrim will be placed and connected to the base liner to provide a fully encapsulated cell. A panel of puncture resistant geotextile, the same size as the lid panel, will then be deployed upon the lid panel prior to full burial of the cell, to a 2m depth.

For any Japanese Knotweed or Root barrier requirements please contact us to discuss how we can assist you.