Hydroseeding in Scotland with stunning views

Hydroseeding in Scotland definitely has its positives as our team had the great fortune to visit the Western Isles last week, which is one of the most stunning parts of the country, if not the world!

Our Flex MSE vegetated wall system was used as part of an attenuation pond extension, in which the extended batters were keyed into the Flex MSE wall perimeter.

We supplied 895 filled Flex MSE units to the main contractor, McLaughlin Harvey Construction Ltd, who installed the units with their own team and once complete, we were then tasked with hydroseeding the units.

Our team set off with our Finn T30 Hydroseeding unit, catching the ferry from Ullapool to Stornoway, serviced the works within one day and then enjoyed the stunning and scenic return ferry journey.

The Flex MSE units were hydroseeded using a specialist mulch and a T5 groslow seed mix.

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