Permeable Paving Tank Liner

When we were approached by an established and trusted client regarding a permeable paving / asphalt project in which a low grade polythene had been spec’ed, we very quickly proposed our Power Scrim 400 (0.4mm RPE) as a superior alternative.

The first key benefit of our Power Scrim 400 against that of a low grade polythene was our product remains lightweight (244gms/m2), but due to it reinforced composition, it provides puncture, tensile and tear strengths higher than a traditional 1.5mm HDPE, so vastly superior strength properties against the low grade polythene. Power Scrim 400 is also CE Certified and manufactured under IS0 9001.

The next key benefit of Power Scrim 400 in this application, which was even more stark given the total supply quantity was 130 000m2, was our ability to supply the product in large, job specific sized pre-welded panels, available up to 32m wide x 300m long, allowing for the large area to be covered extremely quickly and vastly reducing the amount of onsite jointing required, providing a very significant cost saving!

Armed with all the required information our client managed to flip the spec’ed low grade polythene to Power Scrim 400 with their clients engineers, we then put together a panel plan, based on a 3d topo survery received from the client, which detailed the number of panels, the panel dimensions and the position of panels and the order for 130 000m2 was placed, which included a very tight delivery schedule.

Panel sizes varied, however panels averaged 20m wide x 100m long (2000m2).

To meet the clients delivery requirements, along with other production orders, we operated our fabrication workshop on a 24 hour, 7 day per week basis.

The total order was serviced as per the delivery schedule, the end user was provided with a Permeable Paving / Asphalt tank liner which was of a higher quality than that spec’ed and a significant cost saving based on the combined supply and installation cost was delivered to the end user………

For any permeable paving / asphalt tank liner requirements we urge you to contact us to discuss how we can provide you with a fit for purpose liner and also a significant cost saving……