Pond Lining System Supplied in MASSIVE Pre-welded Panels

We recently fabricated and supplied our HBB 300 geotextile and Power Scrim 1000 liner in MASSIVE pre-welded panels for a pond lining application.

Our repeat client had two temporary ponds to line, but wanted to remove the cost of having the lining system welded onsite, meaning our custom sized pre-welded panel service was the ideal solution.

For pond 1 we fabricated 32m wide x 50m long panels of HBB 300 and Power Scrim 1000, and for pond 2 we fabricated 30m wide x 54m long panels.

All the panels were welded in our fabrication workshop by our in-house fabrication team, with every factory weld on our Power Scrim 1000 liner being air lance tested, along with peel tested at the start of every shift, new parent roll and panel, with all being documented and recorded with physical test samples held on file.

Special sized pallets were made in-house to accommodate the size of the panels, and then shipped to our clients job site for their own personnel to deploy onsite.