Retaining Wall Project for Dundee House Developer

Back in the late summer our BDM Shaun McLean hosted an online MSE CPD to a local design consultancy and a local housing developer.

So impressed with our  MSE vegetated wall system, the owner of housing developer incorporated our system straight into an active housing development project in which retaining walls were required for two separate areas on a development site in Dundee.

Soon after an order for 2600 units was received in which the first load of units were delivered 2 weeks ago.

Work on the first and smaller wall began straight away, HBB provided initial onsite support to the clients own labour for them to undertake the build, which was serviced on a sloping plot in which the garden had to be levelled out.

The initial retaining wall design was for a traditional brick and mortar wall, however MSE Bags provided not only a cost and operational benefit, but a system which can be vegetated and will become carbon negative within 12 months!

Work on the second and larger wall will begin in the coming days, again serviced by the clients own labour. This wall will average at 2m high and will provide a boundary for the development, allowing for the ground to be built up to the required level for the next phase of building.

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