Sand Bags Supplied To Help Combat Storm Babet

The Angus area was recently subjected to the full force of Storm Babet when the county was put on a Red Alert warning.

In the days leading up to, and during the storm, we supplied Angus Council and Angus residents with a significant quantity of filled sand bags to help protect local homes and buildings.

One of the many things we do at HBB, is operate a bag filling facility which allows us to fill any type of bag with a variety of fill materials.

Using local suppliers for fill materials and local and directly employed HBB team members, we offer a quick and flexible service, which allows us to respond very quickly to urgent bagging requirements.

Over one and a half working days, we filled, palleted, strapped, loaded and delivered well over 2000 filled sandbags to our local council and community.

We will now approach all Scottish councils and road operators to offer our filled sandbag supply service, if you require a bag filling service, please contact us to discuss.

During the storm, we also assisted our good friends, The Lawson Family, and their neighbours when their estate became flooded. As well as supplying the street with sandbags, we also got to work pumping out their street to prevent the ingress of flood water into their properties.

Despite using a very small pump this did the trick until the local council came to clear some drains which dealt with the problem and relieved the threat of flooding to the streets properties.