Attenuation Pond Liner


Client: Ward & Burke Ltd 

Job Details:  1 no. Attenuation Pond Liner – Supply & Installation of puncture resistant geotextile and 0.76mm Reinforced LLDPE liner

Date: January 2016 

Further to successfully completing the supply and installation of two previous attenuation pond liner systems for this client we were tasked to supply and install a suitable attenuation pond lining system at the  Ince Biomass site.

The client supplied us with a survey drawing of the pond which allowed us to scale out the exact dimensions required and prefabricate a job specific sized pre-welded panel (1500m2) which meant no onsite seaming of the liner was required.

The only onsite welding required was 2 no. inlet / outlet pipes.

Onsite inductions, safety briefings, material placement, excavation of anchor trenches (serviced by the clients machine and operator), deployment and seaming of our HBB 300NW geotextile, deployment of our 0.76mm Reinforced LLDPE liner (30m wide x 50m long panel), the detailed welding of 2 no. inlet / outlet pipes and the backfilling of anchor trenches were completed within 6 working hours on site by a 6 man team.

The speed of our work was achieved by two unique elements: 1. Our HBB 300NW geotextile was stitched seamed which is a faster and more secure joining method than hot air tacking 2. The supply of our 0.76mm Reinforced liner in a job specific sized pre-welded panel removed the need for any onsite weld seaming.

By using our pre-welded panel technology we were able to meet the clients very tight work program in the middle of January in a safe and cost effective fashion.

Testimonial: Jaques Bernard, Ward & Burke Ltd, Project Manager 

“We approached Bruce for our Attenuation pond liner requirements at our Ince Biomass Plant Project as he had serviced a very efficient job for us on our Welland Project. We found that Bruce and his team were very proactive when we asked them to tender for the job. They also gave us all the information we needed from them to do the job quickly, and safely, which helped us to accelerate our programme. They also beat their anticipated work programme. I have no doubt that we will use HBB Geosales for future works when the need arises”.