Flex MSE Vegetated Wall

Client: Mr Thomson

Job Details: Supply and Installation supervision of Flex MSE Vegetated Wall for a retaining wall application in a garden

Date: June 2021

As part of a rear garden makeover, our client required a retaining wall. Initially a brick-and-mortar wall was considered, however through a conversation with a visiting family member from New Zealand a Flex MSE vegetated wall system was suggested.

A web search for Flex MSE led to contact with HBB GeoSales Ltd and confirmation soon followed for a 169-unit order.

The units were filled in our automated bag filling plant and then shipped to site for installation.

HBB provided initial installation supervision to Cuil Developments who were the local landscape contractor appointed to implement the overall garden makeover. Led by Alan Dickie, the Cuil team did a wonderful job and completed the wall build within a few days.

On completion the wall was quickly hydroseeded and within a matter of weeks the wall has almost completely disappeared into a lush blanket of green. Indeed, in a few more weeks there will be absolutely no sign of us having been on site at all!Flex MSE provided a number of advantages over other retaining wall systems: access and working space were very tight so the 300mm x 300mm foundation footprint required for Flex MSE was a perfect fit, no heavy plant was required, and the wall was built extremely quickly with no additional cost for a specialised contractor.

However, the main benefit of our Flex MSE system is a living wall which will become carbon negative within 12 months.

Testimonial: Campbell Thomson 

We were considering which wall to put in our garden when a relative suggested the Flex MSE solution. It was the perfect solution for our garden. Even with a big change in height and a curve it only took a couple of days to install. We then had the wall hydroseeded and within a month we had a fantastic living wall in our garden.