Flex MSE Vegetated Wall – Stream Embankment Reinstatement

Client: Jacks 1 Civil Engineering Ltd

Job Details: Supply of our Flex MSE vegetated wall system for a retaining wall application on an eroded bank in Perthshire.

Date: August 2021

Buckie Braes is a popular area for walkers and runners on the outskirts of Perth. After a heavy rainfall part of the burn bank was washed away and Perth & Kinross Council needed a method of repairing the bank. They wanted a natural looking solution which would retain the 20m curved section of the burn and would cope with similar future weather events.

Flex MSE was proposed to Perth & Kinross Council by Consulting Civil Engineers Allen Gordon.

Jacks 1 Civil Engineers appointed as the contractor for the approved design. As they had never installed Flex MSE, HBB Geosales were asked to provide an installation supervisor for the Jacks 1 team.

In less than a month after the initial enquiry HBB Geosales had supplied the Flex MSE stock to site, supervised installation and hydroseeded the area.

The Jacks 1 Civil Engineers team very quickly grasped how easily the product could be installed and in under 2 days the retaining wall was complete.

Flex MSE has been used in many similar erosion projects across Scotland and was a perfect solution for Buckie Braes for the following key reasons:

· Cost effective

· Restricted access for materials to site and working area within the burn.

· Minimal impact to the burn bed due to the very small foundation detail required (300mm x 300mm) for Flex MSE.

· Can be installed in curves and undulating ground.

· No danger of pollution to the water course or fish; Flex MSE is chemically inert so does not leach any chemicals into the water.

· Vegetated finish which would blend seamlessly into the bank of the burn.

· Carbon negative within 12 months.

· 120-year design life.

The Flex MSE units were filled within our automated bagging facility and then shipped to site.

On completion of installation, hydroseeding was completed within a few days.

Testimonial: Andrew Graham – Site Engineer, Jacks 1 Civil Engineering.

“Great advice and assistance from the first enquiry to ordering and supervision during installation. Would fully recommend and would have no hesitation in returning if ever carrying out similar works in the future.”