Geosynthetic Pre-welded Panel Fabrication Service

Geosynthetic Pre-welded Panel Fabrication Service

We operate a fully automated pre-welded panel and rewind facility in which we can fabricate panels up to a maximum width of 32m and a maximum length of 300m long. The total maximum square metres of panels are dictated by the material weight and the practicality of onsite handling. We can rewind up to approximately 1500 kilos of pre-welded panel product

By supplying job specific sized pre-welded panels, we remove the need, or at the very least
significantly reduce the amount of onsite welding / jointing, which provides quick and cost-effective installation and ensures consistent and high-quality welds.

Subcontract Pre-welded Panel Service

As well as fabricating pre-welded panels using our own geosynthetic materials, we also offer a subcontract pre-welded panel service using our clients own geosynthetic materials. Our service includes the following:


We stock clients rolled geosynthetic materials

Rolled materials converted into job specific sized pre-welded panels as per order requirements

Panels rewound onto strong centres and lifting straps attached

Panels wrapped using clients own branding

Panels palletised

Shipped to job site using clients on paperwork

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