Compost Covers

As targets for the diversion of waste streams away from Landfill continue increase, the International community has seen a massive increase in the separation and composting of biodegradable organic waste in recent years. As the demand grew we now offer compost covers.

A key aspect of the composting process is to provide the optimal environment for proper composting to occur, which is attained by the selection of a number of applied technologies, including the use of a fit for purpose compost cover.

We offer our RESPIRA Breathable & Water-Resistant cover in a number of different forms for use within in-vessel and open windrow composting.

Why use Compost Covers?

  • Accelerates the evaporation of excess water from the substrate which maintains the optimum humidity and temperature, thus speeding up the ‘cooking / turnaround’ time and improving the quality of the end product
  • Protect your product from rain and surface water infiltration
  • Reduces leaching and loss of product
  • Easier handling of product during wet periods
  • Controls moisture loss due to effective of sun and wind
  • Reduces wind-blown nuisance
  • Reduces odour by more than 90%
  • Provides a more pleasing aesthetic appearance for your local community


Why choose our RESPIRA Breathable & Water-Resistant Compost Cover

  • Hydrostatic head of 1m meaning RESPIRA is water resistant and not semi-permeable like competitor ‘fleece’ covers
  • 100% rainwater run-off with no water absorption, unlike semi-permeable ‘fleece’ covers
  • Light weight and easier to handle for operational staff
  • Outstanding air and vapour permeability performance
  • UV lifespan ranges between 2-5 years
  • Available in RESPIRA 235 base material, RESPIRA 235 Single Armor or RESPIRA 235
  • Double Armor. Suitable for use within in-vessel and open windrow applications
  • Supplied in client specific sized panels with optional reinforced edges, steel eyelets, reinforcement straps, pull handles, temperature probe ‘flaps’, pull bar connection points and other custom client requirements
  • RESPIRA 235 base materials also available in 3m wide x 100m long roll form
  • Unique inbuilt wind defusing system which protects our covers from wind displacement and damage in winds of up to 100mph (as tested and recorded on a site located on a Northern Scottish Island)
  • Static & Mobile winder systems available to ensure quick and safe cover deployment over multiple piles with limited handling and personnel
  • We cater for one off one piece covers for domestic use through to multiple order quantities for commercial / industrial operators


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