Contaminated Soil Liners & Covers

Contaminated Soil Liners & Covers

With the significant increase in construction projects on Brownfield sites, the treatment of contaminated soils is now common place.

HBB provide a range of liners and covers to aid both Remediation Contractors and Soil Treatment Operators within the remediation process.

Why choose our Contaminated Soil Liners and Covers

  • We offer a range of reinforced liners which are available from 0.4mm up to 1mm and suitable for short, medium and long term contaminated soil storage
  • Our liners provide very high puncture, tensile and tear strengths
  • HBB offer a range of liners which are hydrocarbon and chemical resistant
  • All our liners are supplied in job specific sized pre-welded panels available up to 25m wide x 300m long, larger if required
  • Pre-welded panels massively reduce, and on some occasions completely remove the need for onsite jointing, which allows for contractors to install using their own personnel
  • For clients who require, we offer a full onsite welding service, using TWI certified team members
  • Pile specific sized covers are available, including breathable and non-breathable covers
  • Excellent customer service provided, with standard 2-3 day delivery times, quicker if required

To discuss your contaminated soil liner and cover requirements please contact us to discover how we can provide a solution to meet your budgetary, operational and environmental needs

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To discuss our custom made Contaminated Soil Liners & Covers please contact us for further information.

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