Vegetated Shooting Butts

Vegetated Shooting Butts

Traditionally Shooting Butts have been constructed from stones, and more recently wood, we would like to show case Vegetated Shooting Butts as a replacement to the traditional way.

Both work fine, however with stone constructed butts it takes considerable time and a huge amount of hard graft from estate staff for stones to be gathered and then built. With wooden butts you have a lifespan issue in which repairs or total replacement is required.

Our Flex MSE Vegetated Shooting Butts provide a carbon negative solution which carries a 120-year design life once fully vegetated, providing a very cost-effective shooting butt which will require pretty much zero maintenance.

Units are filled with a sand / compost mix and then bonded together during the build using a patented interconnecting plate. Units can be transported to the build location on the back of an estate truck or quad and once in position a butt can be built to any size and shape you require, with a two-man team, within a couple of hours. No heavy mechanical equipment is required for the build, the only equipment required is a spade and a hand tamper, along with a couple of willing team members!

Once built the butt can be vegetated by hydro-seeding (using a native seed mix) or plug planted and then left to time and nature to turn your butt into a green, living, carbon negative structure which becomes stronger over time as the root system becomes more established.

Our Flex MSE vegetated shooting butt system is so flexible that you can repair or even extend stone or wooden built butts with our system, you can also build in sitting platforms within your butts for weary guns who deserve a few minutes rest!

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