How Does It Work

How Does It Work?

Wind uplift (negative pressure) or cross winds can lead to extensive wind displacement, damage and complete failure to exposed Geomembrane covers, liners or geotextiles.

Wind uplift can ‘suck or pick up’ geomembrane systems whilst cross winds can blow small ripples of ‘slack’ covers, liners or geo-textiles into localised areas which leads to the ballooning effect of the material, both scenarios lead to wind displacement, damage and eventually complete system failure.

Within wind uplift scenarios Net Down acts as a diffusing layer between the air and the geomembrane system, as zones of wind uplift (negative pressure) occur, Net Down allows the air to flow down, in and around these zones cancelling out the uplift force.

Whereas within cross wind scenarios Net Down ‘breaks’ the cross-wind forces and leaves the underlying materials less affected by even storm force wind speeds.

For a more detailed explanation on how our Net Down anchor system works please click Net Down – Technical Presentation.

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