What is hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is the application of a water, seed & hydromulch mixture with added nutrients in a slurry form onto an area you wish to vegetate. Hydroseeding can be carried out on small or extremely large areas. When hydroseeding larger areas specialist equipment is required. A wide range of different seed mixtures can be applied depending on the end result you are trying to achieve.

The hydromulch helps to provide a suitable environment for the seed and allows for quicker germination, accelerated growth and increased establishment. The mulch is mixed in a large tank by a mechanical agitator and then sprayed through a large gauge hose. There are various types of mulch to choose from and it is vital the correct mulch is chosen for the area you wish to hydroseed.

How long does it take for hydroseeding to grow

It depends on the seedmix you have chosen and the environmental conditions. Ideally you will hydroseed during the Spring to Autumn seasons when there is a good day length and temperatures are higher. In general, if it is a grass mixture you will start to see some germination after 2-4 weeks if the temperature has been above 10°C.

It will take several months until you see full establishment again depending on the seedmix. A wildflower seedmix may take several seasons to become fully established as lower seed rate is used.

What are the benefits of Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is a quick and cost effective method of establishing vegetation on large areas of ground or inaccessible areas for traditional machinery. Hydroseeding can also be used to vegetate steep faces such as Flex MSE walls or similar mechanically stabilised earth systems. Hydro seeding is a very effective method of erosion control on it’s own or in combination with erosion control matting

How much does hydroseeding cost

It depends on the area you wish to hydroseed, the larger the area the cheaper the cost per m2 will be. The hire of machine and operator is a large part of the cost. There is  other cost influences are the seed mix specified, seed rate, type of mulch required, all these factors will have a bearing on the final cost which is why it is some important to use a competent contractor who will be able to advise you on the best option for your project.

How does hydroseeding work

Hydroseeding works by holding seed in a special mulch which also contains fertiliser and a “glue” (tackifier) which binds the mixture to the soil or area it is sprayed on to. The mulch seed mixture is then sprayed onto the hydroseeding area using specialised equipment similar to a high powered hose, mulch will stick to the area and then germinate in the normal way.  The mulch being able to hold up to 11 times it’s weight in moisture, this along with the fertiliser gives the seed a kick start. People often ask what is in mulch and it’s normally made from a wood pulp so decomposes as the seed becomes fully established.

You can see some of our recent Hydroseeding projects delivered for our clients, please explore our Case Studies dedicated page.



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