Japanese Knotweed & Root Barriers

HBB is an established supplier of Japanese Knotweed membrane & Root barrier with a proven performance history, supplying many of the largest Japanese Knotweed and Invasive weed specialists and contractors across the UK and Ireland.

With a range of impermeable and permeable Japanese Knotweed barriers available our barriers are used within the following applications:

  • Vertical barriers
  • Horizontal barriers
  • Cell burial barriers & caps
  • Temporary containment bund barriers

Why choose HBB and our range of Japanese Knotweed Membranes & Root Barriers

  • Range of impermeable & permeable root barriers available
  • All our root barriers are manufactured under ISO management systems and are CE certified
  • Our impermeable barriers are 3rd party tested, and have passed, for root and light penetration
  • All our barriers are available in job specific sized pre-welded panels, available up to 23.5m wide x 300m long. Pre-welded panels vastly reduce, and on some occasions completely remove the need for onsite jointing. We offer the largest panels sizes available in the UK
  • Fast and efficient order turnaround with next day deliveries available if required, and subject to time of order
  • Proven performance history over many years, client references available on request
  • HBB double and single sided butyl tape held in stock
  • Custom made top hats supplied to provide quick and efficient seals to pipe penetrations

To learn more about our Japanese Knotweed Barriers, please contact our experts at HBB Geo Sales. Explore our Gallery to see some of our Japanese Knotweed Barriers projects and our case studies to learn more about our clients. See our Japanese Knotweed Barriers order.

What does japanese knotweed look like

Japanese knotweed has large heart shaped leaves which are around 14cm long. It produces long white flowers up to 15cm. In Spring it produces reddish purple growth from clumps. These shoots grow very quickly to form dense stands of canes. In winter the stems die back to ground level but the canes can remain for several months. The plant also spreads rapidly from deep rhizomes which can produce shoots even from the smallest piece. This is why it is vital to make sure it is controlled profesionally, buy using a Japanese Knotweed Membrane to prevent it for ever coming back.

What does japanese knotweed look like

Image thanks to Phlorum

What is japanese knotweed

Japanese knotweed is a herbaceous perrenial plant native to Asia. It is classed as an non native invasive species and should be controlled to prevent it spreading. It is a member of the Polygonaceae family.

How do you get rid of japanese knotweed

You can get rid of Japanese knotweed by applying a herbicide which should be applied by a professional contractor. It should be noted that this process can take 3 to 4 years before complete eradication.

What kills japanese knotweed permanently

To kill Japanese Knotweed permanently you need a glyphosate based chemical. It is best to apply this to cut canes so the chemical has the best chance of penetration to the plant.This will still take several applications over several years and should be carried out by a specialist contractor.

Is japanese knotweed dangerous

Japanese Knotweed is not dangerous to people or animals, in fact there are several recipes for Japanese Knotweed online. Maybe we should eat more to help control it!


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