Japanese Knotweed & Root Barriers

HBB is an established supplier of Japanese Knotweed & Root barrier membranes with a proven performance history, supplying many of the largest Japanese Knotweed and Invasive weed specialists and contractors across the UK and Ireland.

With a range of impermeable and permeable barriers available our barriers are used within the following applications:

  • Vertical barriers
  • Horizontal barriers
  • Cell burial barriers & caps
  • Temporary containment bund barriers


Why choose HBB and our range of Japanese Knotweed Membranes & Root Barriers

  • Range of impermeable & permeable root barriers available
  • All our root barriers are manufactured under ISO management systems and are CE certified
  • Our impermeable barriers are 3rd party tested, and have passed, for root and light penetration
  • All our barriers are available in job specific sized pre-welded panels, available up to 32m wide x 300m long. Pre-welded panels vastly reduce, and on some occasions completely remove the need for onsite jointing. We offer the largest panels sizes available in the UK
  • Fast and efficient order turnaround with next day deliveries available if required, and subject to time of order
  • Proven performance history over many years, client references available on request
  • HBB double and single sided butyl tape held in stock
  • Custom made top hats supplied to provide quick and efficient seals to pipe penetrations

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