Japanese Knotweed & Root Barriers

Japanese Knotweed & Root Barriers

Japanese Knotweed & Root barriers are a key component in the battle against invasive weeds and roots.

Applications for our Japanese Knotweed & Root Barriers include:

  • Vertical installations which prevent lateral ingress of invasive species and roots
  • Horizontal Installations which protect roads, paved surfaces, floored areas and buildings from invasive species and roots
  • Burial cell applications where a cell is excavated on the remedial site, lined, filled with the contaminated soil and then capped. This option is a much cheaper than transporting to landfill!

Why choose HBB to supply your Japanese Knotweed or Root Barrier membranes?

  • Wide range of barrier membranes available including impermeable and permeable solutions
  • Our barrier membranes offer high puncture, tensile and tear strengths but are lightweight and flexible
  • Indefinite service life once buried – Minimum 50 years
  • All our barrier membranes are CE Certified, are Root and Light penetration tested and have over 15 years field performance history
  • All our barrier membranes are supplied in client specific sized pre-welded panels, panels available up to 25m wide x 150m long, larger if required. This significantly reduces the amount of onsite jointing required and on some occasions removes the need for any onsite jointing, allowing contractors to place the barrier with their own labour
  • Excellent customer service with 2-3 day standard lead times with overnight deliveries available across the UK mainland for urgent requirements
  • Aside from our barrier membranes we also supply a range of puncture resistant geotextiles and HBB Probond Double and Single Sided Jointing Tape
  • All our barrier membranes conform to the Environment Agency’s ‘The Knotweed Code of Practice’ document.

Please contact us to discuss your specific Japanese Knotweed & Root barrier requirements.

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