About Net Down System

About Net Down System

Protect your exposed geomembrane covers, liners and geo-textiles  against wind damage, displacement and UV damage.

The Problem

Any exposed geomembrane cover, liner or geo-textile is at risk of wind disturbance or damage leading to complete system failure, costly remedial works, environmental non-compliance and potential Health & Safety issues. 

For many years users, engineers, suppliers and installers of exposed geomembranes have used unreliable, costly and outdated methods of ballast such as sand bags, tyres, soil windrows and ground anchors. 

The Solution 

Our Net Down anchor system is a three dimensional knitted polyethylene mat which defuses wind flows and ensures the below geomembrane cover, liner or geo-textile is left undisturbed by even storm force wind speeds. 

Back in late 2006 we commissioned the worlds first trial / case study of Net Down within a temporary landfill capping application. 

The site (located on the sea front in Oban, Scotland) had experienced historical wind damage to exposed geomembrane caps. Please click here to view the original case study report. 

Since the successful conclusion of the initial trial / case study we have supplied and installed millions of m2 of Net Down across the World. 

Why use our Net Down anchor system as your chosen Geomembrane cover, liner or geo-textile ballast solution?

  • Proven performance history since 2006. Multiple project references available 
  • Reusable anchor system providing excellent value for money.
  • 10 year UV lifespan
  • Removes the need for large quantities of sand bags or tyres from being placed and roped which is laborious, time consuming, costly and presents obvious health & safety issues for installation personnel, particularly when working on steep slopes and gradients 
  • Installation time efficiency of Net Down is up to 80% quicker than the placement of other ballast systems such as sand bags and tyres 
  • Provides 70% UV block to underlying materials
  • Provides added durability to underlying materials 
  • Delivers a level of drainage control which is particularly useful on steep slopes and gradients during periods of heavy rainfall 
  • Available in Green colour as standard which provides a uniformed and aesthetically pleasing appearance reducing the visual impact for local neighbours

Please contact us to discuss how our Net Down anchor system can benefit your ballast operations.

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