Permeable Paving Tank Liners

The control of stormwater is now a central part of all civil engineering, construction and infrastructure designs.

Permeable paving is one tool which is widely used to control excessive surface water and we offer a range of impermeable liners which are used for tank sub-bases of non-infiltration permeable pavements, carparks and porous road surfaces.

With the experience of supplying one of the largest tanking sub-bases in the country, which totalled 110 000m2, we are well placed to assist you with your impermeable tanking sub-base liner requirements.

Why choose our Impermeable Paving Tanking Sub-Base Liners?

  • We offer our range of Power Scrim reinforced (0.4mm – 1mm) liners for this application which offer extremely high puncture, tensile and tear strengths in relation to their low weight and nominal thickness
  • Power Scrim offers puncture resistance twice as high as unreinforced membranes which are more than double the thickness
  • HBB offer an inhouse pre-welded panel supply service which allows us to supply our impermeable tank sub-base liners up to 32m wide x 300m long, meaning the amount of onsite jointing is massively reduced and allows for large areas to be covered very quickly with limited plant and personnel
  • We can fabricate up to 60 000m2 of pre-welded panel product per week so we can accommodate even the tightest of delivery schedules
  • Cost effective solution
  • Power Scrim is CE Certified and manufactured under ISO quality control systems
  • Client references available

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