Primary & Secondary Containment Liners

Primary & Secondary Containment Liners

As Environmental and regulatory legislation, combined with enforcement across general industry has increased, the need for Primary & Secondary Containment Liners has significantly increased.

HBB offers a range of reinforced and unreinforced liners which range in strength, durability and chemical resistance performance.

We supply our primary and secondary containment liners across many industries and have completed contracts throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Our Geomembrane Liners are commonly used but not limited to the following Primary & Secondary Containment applications:

  • Oil & Gas Pit Liners – Multiple contracts have been completed across the Middle East and Africa
  • Contaminated Soil & Bio-pad liners
  • Containment cell liners for residual waste derived from waste water, quarry, energy, gas and other related industries
  • Secondary containment Tank bund Liners for anaerobic digestion, petrochemical, waste, manufacturing and other related industries where liquids are stored in tanks (primary containment)


Why choose HBB to supply your Primary or Secondary containment Liner?

  • A wide range of 21st Century fit for purpose liners available to suit your exact needs, including Hydrocarbon and Chemical Resistant Liners. All our liners meet the required regulatory specifications and are manufactured under strict quality assurance management systems
  • Our liners are available in large client specific sized pre-welded panels with panels available up to 32m wide x 300m long. All our panels are produced by our fully automated welding and accordion folding process so no hand welding is involved and welding temperature and speed are computer controlled
  • Pre-welded panels are rolled tightly onto cores to ensure safe and fast on-site deployment
  • Pre-welded panels significantly reduce the amount of field weld seaming required and, on some occasions, completely remove the need for any onsite welding, providing unrivalled installation cost and time efficiency savings
  • Quick and reliable service, we have capacity to fabricate 60 000m2 of pre-welded panel product per week so we can respond to large orders with speed

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