Trench & Ditch Liners

Trench & Ditch Liners

Trench and Ditch Liners are required to prevent cross contamination between contaminated soils and pipe work / services, as well as to prevent erosion caused by fast flowing water.

HBB offer a range of liners suitable for Trench and Ditch Liner applications which include reinforced and unreinforced membranes.

We also offer a range of protective geotextiles to be used in conjunction with our liners.

Why use HBB for your Trench & Ditch Liner requirements?

  • We offer a range of reinforced and unreinforced membranes which provide very high puncture, tensile and tear strength performance, along with great flexibility which allows our membranes to mould into all trench and ditch shapes, including irregular shapes
  • All our liners are available in pre-welded panels available up to 32m wide x 300m long which massively reduces the amount of onsite jointing required, and on some occasions completely removes the need for any onsite jointing, our range of protective geotextiles are also available in pre-welded panels up to 32m wide x 300m long. Very often this allows clients to install using their own personnel
  • All our Trench & Ditch Liners are CE Certified and manufactured under strict ISO quality management systems
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Client references available

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