Angus Council choose Vegetated MSE Bags for Brechin path network

Client: Angus Council 

Main Contractor: CR Contracting North Ltd 

Project Designer: Arch Henderson LLP

Flex MSE Designer: SLR Consulting Ltd 

Project: Drumachlie Loan Path Network, Brechin 

MSE Units: 936 units

Vegetation: Hydroseeding 

As part of a wider community project, a foot path was being constructed which included a section which required to be built up to 1.8m high at its peak.

Vegetated MSE Bags was specified as the retaining wall solution for this section of path along with a headwall application, with Angus Council being repeat users of the system, with previous works completed for the Arbroath Flood Scheme to form water channels and an embankment reinstatement at Gateside.

HBB GeoSales Ltd supplied the MSE Bags units, which were filled in our in-house bagging plant, where we control the mixing of our fill material and the bag filling process.

Our installation team, enjoying a local job for a nice change, then commenced onsite installation works, which were completed by working closely with Tim and the rest of the CRC team who supplied and placed the backfill as the build progressed.

During the build, fencing sleeves were placed at the designed intervals, which prevents the need for the fencing contractor to retrospectively dig and disturb / damage the embedded geogrid.

Due to the build being completed in mid November, our hydroseeding team will visit site come Spring 2024 to complete the hydroseeding, using our specialised FlexTerra mulch and a specified seed mix.

We have completed multiple contracts over 2023 which saw MSE used within path network and active travel path works.

Vegetated MSE Bags is the ideal solution for these types of works due to the systems ability to to be hand installed in tight areas which have restricted access. Vegetated MSE Bags can be installed incredible close to trees due to the minimal foundation required, meaning long established trees and vegetation do not need to be disturbed or removed, which would not be the case with gabion baskets or other hard engineered systems.

Finally, unlike any hard engineered solutions, Vegetated MSE Bags eventually returns the structure back to nature and blends seamlessly into the local green environment ?.