Attenuation Pond Lined and Hydroseeded

We recently completed the lining of a 1300m2 attenuation pond for a new client.

Pre-welded panels of our HBB 300 protective geotextile and SuperFlex 1000 (1mm PP) were fabricated into pond specific sized pre-welded panels within our fabrication workshop.

On receipt of a 3D topo survey from the client, we scaled the pond to determine the panel sizes and provided the client with a panel plan, along with our quote.

The Size of Attenuation Pond

Panel 1: 32m x 16mPanel 2: 30m x 16m

Panel 3: 20m x 15m

By supplying pond specific sized pre-welded panels, the installation of the lining system, including the connection of the liner to two headwalls, was completed within less than one working day onsite.

Once the lining was completed, our client placed the topsoil and then our hydroseeding team returned to hydroseed the pond, using a seed mix which was specified by the client, the seeding was completed within a few hours on site.

For any attenuation pond lined or hydroseeding requirements, we would be pleased to chat through your requirements.