Finishing touches applied to Thornhill Active Travel Path

The Penpont to Thornhill active travel path will measure 2.6km on completion and will provide a link between the two villages which will allow residents and visitors to safely walk, wheel and cycle, whilst also delivering economic and environmental benefits to the villages and wider local area.

On a section of the pathway, a retaining wall was required to support part of the path which slopes and snakes down a woodland area.

Vegetated MSE Bags was subsequently chosen and we supplied and installed just over 2000 units a few weeks ago.

The next, and one of the most crucial stages of any vegetated wall system, was the application of the chosen vegetation, which was completed by our Hydroseeding team.

Using  our specialist FlexTerra mulch which is designed to be used on extreme slopes and MSE structures, along with a shade tolerant / woodland seed mix which included rough stalked meadowgrass, flattened meadow grass, sheeps fescue, hard fescue, browntop bent and clover white, our team completed the hydroseeding of the MSE Bag build, as well as completing some extra hydroseeding works on areas of the construction that required to be reinstated.

The extra hydroseeing works included disturbed embankments which were low on organic matter, nutrients and biological activity, so to accelerate the development of these essential components required for sustainable vegetation, our team first applied a coating of our ProGanics Biotic Soil Medium, before applying our FlexTerra mulch and seed mix.

The works were completed safely, efficiently and within one onsite working day.

Now it’s over to the Scottish weather to do it’s thing, and return these areas back to nature ??

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