Flex MSE Wall is specified for Border’s mountain bike centre.

HBB GeoSales are very excited about a our latest Flex MSE wall project at Glentress Forest near Peebles.

Glentress Forest is located in the picturesque Tweed Valley known for its stunning landscapes and world-class mountain biking trails.

Glentress Masterplan.

The Glentress Masterplan will create a well integrated, multi-user destination specialising in mountain biking. Offering a year round, world class visitor destination, Glentress will host the the UCI Mountain Bike Championships this summer. The plan involves the construction of a series of new trails which have been in the planning for several years.

HBB presented to landscape architects, Raeburn Farquhar Bowen and Flex MSE was the chosen solution for 3 bridges at Glentress.

Flex MSE is a sustainable construction system which is as equally robust as more traditional options. In addition it comes with a design life of 120 years and 75 year warranty making it a very cost effective system.


Starting at the end of January, in spite of challenging weather conditions HBB GeoSales installation team completed the installation within 4 weeks, and finishing at the end of February.

The bridges were hydroseeded with a specific mulch containing a quick growing grass seed mix.

The Flex MSE system offers a soft landscape finish respecting the natural setting of Glentress when fully vegetated. Therefore the Flex MSE will blend seamlessly into the surroundings which was an essential aspect of the project.

Glentress Forest is a popular destination for mountain biking and a stunning natural habitat which welcomes over 300,000 visitors each year.

In conclusion, Flex MSE provided an environmentally friendly, cost effective solution when compared to traditional construction methods.

Shaun Mclean – Business Development Manager at HBB GeoSales said;
”The client wanted a solution which provided minimum disturbance to the area as well as being environmentally friendly. That’s why Flex MSE was the perfect choice, with only 300mm wide foundation’s required, you can see we were within a metre of the tree roots. Other solutions would have required the felling of the surrounding trees to accommodate the bridge which was not an option”.

Construction Time: 4 weeks
Flex MSE Units: 5600