How big is yours?

How big is yours?

Well, it’s not the biggest ever, but last week we fabricated a 30m wide x 60m long pre-welded panel of our Power Scrim 1000 (1800m2 – 866 kilos), shipped to a repeat client for a pond lining job.

To date, our biggest ever is a 2500m2 panel which was used for the base liner for a Japanese Knotweed burial cell application.

Advantages of pre-welded panels 

  • Massively reduce, or on some occasions, completely remove the need for on site welding / jointing
  • Significant increase in your daily lay rate, providing increased efficiency and cost savings for installers and end clients alike
  • Ensure 100% weld quality by welding in a controlled environment, compared to welding on site during periods of inclement weather. All our welds are subject to internal testing and record keeping, 3rd party testing is also available
  • Maximise shipping efficiency
  • Reduce material wastage. We offer a free of charge panel plan service which ensures panels are custom fabricated to job specific sizes

What materials can be supplied in job specific sized pre-welded panels?

We can convert most thermal plastics from standard roll form, into job specific sized pre-welded panels.

Currently, we convert reinforced PE, multi-layered reinforced LDPE (gas membranes), PP, PVC and nonwoven and woven geotextiles.

Contact us to discuss your material!

How big can we go?

We have the ability to supply pre-welded panels up to a maximum of 32m wide x 300m long, or anything in between those parameters.

We have an automated winding process which allows us to wind all our pre-welded panel products onto strong centres, serviced by 2 HBB team members.

Our winder can wind up to 3000 kilos of pre-welded panel product.

How are large pre-welded panels deployed on site, and how many people does it take?

Panels are mechanically lifted and placed into position. Each panel is supplied with lifting straps, or the panel can be lifted through the strong centre, using a single fork.

From there, the width is manually rolled out, and then once fully unrolled, the length is manually pulled out from the accordion fold.

The number of operatives required, depends on the size and weight of the panel, and the material being used.

Typically, 3 operatives can comfortably deploy 1000m2 panels, subject to what material is being used. For bigger and heavier panels, we can advise on the number of operatives required.