Job Specific Hydroseeding Solutions

The theory that one solution fits all rarely rings true for most things, and it certainly does not ring true for hydroseeding solutions!

That’s why we at HBB take the time and effort to understand each and every project prior to proposing a solution.

Working with industry leading supply partners, we tailor our proposal to fit job specific requirements in terms of mulch and seed options……if you get one or both wrong, project failure will follow!

Mulch requirements vary depending upon a number of variables including gradients and ground conditions, we offer a range of mulches suitable for a wide range of applications with many years of proven performance history.

Seed choice, like mulch choice, is project specific and careful consideration should be applied to this critical component. We offer a wide portfolio of seed mixes, which include general low maintenance, shade tolerant, riverbanks, lawns, golf courses, sport pitches, motorway embankments, highlands, low fertility areas, wild flower and custom made mixes to name a few.

Another key component of project success, is the physical application of the slurry mix onto the sub-grade. We use industry leading hydroseeding equipment which utilise mechanical agitation to ensure the mulch, seed and water slurry mix is consistent for optimal application.

Prior to our arrival on site, we will provide each client with a preparation and aftercare document, again key components in delivering a successful project.

Hydroseeding – Preparation and Aftercare

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