Land Remediation Job In Ardrossan Supplied with Contaminated Soil Liners

Our fabrication workshop team are currently working on the second part of a 16 000m2 contaminated soil liner order.

Our client was awarded a large land Remediation project which requires a large contaminated soil storage area. To prevent cross contamination with the below sub-grade, a liner is required.

Given the area totals 16 000m2, the client was looking for a solution which would allow for effective containment combined with quick and efficient installation.

By offering our Power Scrim 400 liner in job specific sized pre-welded panels, we were able to supply the solution the client was seeking.

A drawing was received from the client, which allowed us to produce a panel plan to ensure the most efficient deployment plan and material wastage reduction.

What we did

As part of our contract, an HBB installation supervisor visited the site to advise and train the clients own operatives in terms of pre-welded panel deployment and installation.

11 000m2 were initially delivered for phase one, and we are now fabricating the final 5000m2 which will be delivered to the client once again, in job specific sized pre-welded panels.

For any contaminated soil liner requirements, we have solutions for short, medium, and long term storage applications.