Stockpile Cover Installed for Redrow Homes

Site won fill material is a valuable asset for housing developers.

By utilising site won fill material, developers cut out the cost of removal and import of fill materials which brings very significant commercial advantages as well as the obvious carbon benefits by removing truck movements.

Such is the commercial and operational value of site won fill material, more and more developers are looking to protect this outside stored asset from the effects of rain water.

With the British climate remaining consistently inconsistent, rainfall has become a real enemy of good quality site won fill material! When fill material becomes too wet, it can be rendered unusable and at the very least it becomes an operational nightmare to work with!

By implementing our stockpile cover system, Redrow Homes protected their site won materials, which they value at £250 000, from the effects of rainfall and ensure the material remains in pristine condition no matter how long the materials remains insitu prior to use.

5000m2 of our Cover Up 400 and our Net Down ballast system were supplied in pile specific sized pre-welded panels, 4 panels of each.

The materials were installed on site within one working day.

Redrow Homes were so happy with the works that they will now roll out our stockpile cover system across all their site won fill material stockpiles.

Call us to discuss any stockpile cover requirements.