Temporary Landfill Cap

Phase two and three of temporary landfill cap works were completed for Veolia Blue Haze Landfill Site.

Phase two and three were added to phase one, totalling 65 000m2, with phase one being completed in Sept 2020.

Our dual layer temporary capping system was chosen against a ‘traditional’ 1mm temporary cap, due to a very significant cost saving, and the sheer speed and efficiency of installation, which is achieved by the supply of large, one piece pre-welded panels, which massively reduce the amount of onsite jointing required.

Since the completion of phase one works, the site has enjoyed improved gas emission / odour compliance and a reduction in their leachate costs.

Our Power Scrim 400 and Net Down ballast temporary landfill capping system is a cost effective, and fit for purpose alternative to traditional 1mm temporary capping membranes…….contact us to discuss how we can make your site more compliant and reduce your leachate costs, whilst saving you money.