Temporary Landfill Capping System to Reduce Leachate Costs

A temporary landfill capping system was needed due to high volumes of rain experienced within this part of the Scottish Highlands, our long term repeat client required another temporary capping solution, but this time within an active cell, across a 20 000m2 area.

To ensure surface water remains clean throughout the active tipping process, the area was split into bunded sub-cell sections which are linked with a network of inlet and outlet pipes, once the tipping process enters into a sub-cell the outlet water pipe will be capped off, ensuring the rest of the temporary capping area will remain as clean surface water.

At the bottom end of the capping area a water outfall pipe allows for the surface water to be drained out of the cell area, ensuring a massive reduction in this clients leachate disposal costs.

Our dual layer temporary landfill capping system was supplied in 20m wide x 32m long and 20m wide x 35m long, job specific sized pre-welded panels. All the panels were fabricated in our workshop and then installed by our experienced installation team.

By supplying job specific sized pre-welded panels, we very significantly reduced the amount of onsite jointing required, which is a major benefit when working in the Scottish highlands during the winter months!

If you require to reduce your leachate levels, or control your gas / odour emissions, get in contact us with.