Vegetated MSE Bag Retaining Wall

We recently completed a Vegetated Retaining Wall with the hydro-seeding of a 6150 unit MSE bag wall, as well as 600m2 of additional areas, for a Transport Company who used our MSE vegetated wall system as part of their yard extension works.

Due to continued expansion, the client required to extend their yard which meant the footprint of the extended yard had to be raised which would be achieved by implementing retaining walls around the perimeter.

Our vegetated wall system was chosen by the client based on price and installation advantages, as well as providing a carbon negative solution which would help offset the clients carbon footprint on an ongoing basis ??

Pre-filled units were supplied to the main contractor from our in-house bagging plant,  and after a days onsite training, the contractor installed the system with their own personnel, which allowed the contractor to control the flow of works as well as costs.

On completion, the HBB team visited site to hydro-seed the completed Vegetated MSE Bag walls, as well as servicing an additional 600m2.

Within a few weeks, these areas will be returned back to nature as vegetation takes hold and eventually no one will know we had even been there ??

If you require a retaining wall solution or hydro seeding which is cost effective, simple to install and will return back to nature, contact us to discuss.