What is the Importance of Retaining Walls?

When it comes to soil and farmland management, surface water runoff is one of the main
concerns during and after a spate of heavy rainfall. While water runoff results in downstream
flooding causing further damage to standing crops and habitable areas in its path, it also causes
topsoil from fertile land to be washed away.

In residential areas, the dirt and pollutants from different surfaces wash into a storm sewer
whenever it rains. This could end up polluting the water bodies such as streams, rivers and

Retention ponds can be of great help in both farmlands and residential areas. The retaining walls
of the pond can prevent soil erosion from farms. And in residential areas, the retaining walls of a
retention pond will help in settling out the pollutants and prevent them from getting into the
storm water drains.

Why are Quality Retention Walls Important?

A retention pond has no outlet for water runoff. Water loss occurs only due to evaporation or
infiltration. The walls of the retention pond, therefore, need to be of quality material to ensure
there is no water leakage.

Whether it is a temporary pond built to control water runoff during a construction phase or you
are looking at a permanent attenuation pond, a retaining wall plays an important role in
controlling the water runoff.

Choose Natural Retention Walls

Using vegetated wall systems can be a good way to build retention walls that are eco-friendlier.

Vegetated wall systems have a seed mix that matches the indigenous vegetation. Within a few
months, you can have a living wall that is eco-friendly, with negative carbon benefits and yet
fulfilling the requirements of retaining excess soil or water runoff.

Besides vegetated wall systems, you can also opt for regular retaining walls made of pre-welded
panels that are as sturdy and durable.

Importance of Retaining Walls

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