Reusable Salt Pile Cover


Client: Fife Council

Job Details:  5000 tonne Operational Salt Pile – Supply and installation of Reusable Salt Pile Cover system

Date: Aug 2015

Fife Council required a cover for their operational salt pile to prevent weather erosion and to preserve the quality of salt for spreading efficiency.

HBB were awarded the contract to supply and install our Reusable Salt Pile Cover System as well as three additional site mobilisations to remove sections of the cover during the winter period allowing Council staff to access the salt pile as required.

Our Reusable Salt Pile Cover system consists of a double layered cover system: our Cover Up 240 provides the waterproofing element with our Net Down anchor system providing the necessary protection for the exposed cover against potential wind displacement and damage.

After servicing a pile specific ‘measure up’ our Cover Up 240 was manufactured into two pre-welded panels to custom fit the pile.

On receipt of materials to site our installation team serviced the installation of our Cover Up 240 and Net Down anchor system as well as fitting edge ballast within one working day.

Over the winter period we made three separate visits to site to remove sections of the cover allowing council staff access to the salt pile as required. On each visit the removed materials were folded and stored ready for use the following season.

Testimonial: Kane Smith, Lead Professional – Maintenance Operations (South Area), Fife Council:
‘We hold a stock of 5000 tonnes of salt at our Milesmak Depot which is used through the winter period. In the past we have had problems with previous salt covers ripping during windy conditions particularly when the cover was opened up. We therefore went for HBB GeoSales Ltd two layer cover up system as its net anchor system appeared to provide a secure wind resistant cover. Over the 2015 / 16 winter as our salt pile was used the cover was cut back three times and despite one of the stormiest winters for some time the cover remained intact throughout. The cover has been set aside and we intend to use it again for the following year making it a very cost effective option’.