Flex MSE Vegetated Wall System – Long Retaining Wall

Client: Springfield Properties PLC

Job Details: Supply and Installation of our Flex MSE vegetated wall system for 130m long retaining wall application

Date: March 2021

Springfield Properties Drumossie Site in Inverness is a development of affordable and luxury homes which is sprawled across an extensive sloping site.

As such, a long retaining wall solution was sought for a 130m section of sites boundary which would allow the gardens of plots running along this boundary to be raised and levelled.

A existing tree line leading into a mature forest ran along the boundary so it was crucial that the retaining wall system that was chosen did not impact on the tree line and would seamlessly blend into the stunning forest.

As a long-term house builder, Springfield Properties had used a number retaining wall solutions over the years, however they had never used our Flex MSE vegetated wall system, and indeed they were not aware of the system, and indeed they were not aware of the system until HBB delivered a CPD to Springfield staff at their Elgin HQ back in early 2020.

From this introduction and the subsequent technical follow up, Flex MSE was identified as the perfect solution for the Drumossie site application for the following key reasons:

  • Cost effective
  • Minimal impact along protected tree line due to the very small foundation detail required (300mm x 300mm) for Flex MSE
  • Site own material could be utilised for backfill
  • Vegetated finish which would blend seamlessly into the protected tree line / forest running
  • Carbon negative within 12 months
  • 120-year design life

HBB were tasked with providing the design, which was serviced through our third-party design partners, SLR Consulting.

Once the design and warranty were approved an order was placed for the supply and installation of our Flex MSE system which consisted of 3633 filled units.

The units were filled within our automated bagging facility and then shipped to site.

Installation was then serviced over 8 working days with site own material being used as for backfill, providing a significant cost saving and removing the need for imported materials to be trafficked onto site.

On completion of installation, hydroseeding was completed within a week.

Testimonial: Mark Coull, Engineer – Springfield Properties PLC

This was the first time we used the Flex MSE system on one of our housing projects and we were impressed with speed and ease of installation. The wall suited the location well as it was on a boundary backing onto an existing tree belt and footpath that is regularly used by walkers. We did not want to spoil the natural environment with a masonry/concrete product, so Flex MSE fitted perfectly. The minimal need for large plant during construction was also a great advantage as access was restricted alongside the trees.