Japanese Knotweed Burial Cell – Barrier Membrane

Client: Zirkon

Job Details: Supply of Japanese Knotweed Burial Cell Barrier Membrane 

Date: June 2019

Zirkon required a barrier membrane for a large burial cell project.

Having previous experience with our range of Japanese Knotweed barrier membranes, Zirkon already knew that our range of barrier membranes where of high quality, offering many years of field performance history and carried with them root and light penetration test certificates, so the choice of barrier was not the biggest challenge facing Zirkon for this project.

The biggest challenge facing Zirkon on a burial cell of this size, was the installation and jointing of the barrier membrane onsite……

On receipt of the burial cell dimensions, we were able to provide costs based on the supply of custom sized ‘base’ and ‘lid’ pre-welded panels.

By supplying cell specific sized pre-welded panels, 99% of onsite jointing was removed which massively reduced the onsite installation time, and therefore cost.

Pre-welded panels are produced by our fully automated welding machine, with temperature, speed and pressure controlled by an onboard computer, so weld quality is of a consistent and high quality, which is vital to ensure effective performance within cell burial applications.

A 32m wide x 64m long (2048m2 – 870 kilos) base panel and a 17m wide x 52m long (884m2 = 376 kilos) lid panel of our Power Scrim 600 were supplied.

The base panel removed the need for any onsite jointing within the ‘lining’ of the cell. Although a very large panel, onsite deployment was serviced by a machine and team of the clients own personnel within a matter of hours.

Once filled the lid panel was deployed and then jointed to the ‘jointing flaps’ of the base panel to ensure the cell content was fully encapsulated.

A panel of our HBB 300 protective geotextile (17m wide x 52m long) was then deployed on the lid panel of Power Scrim 600 and backfilled.

The entire installation of the barrier membrane was services by the clients own labour.

Testimonial: Tom Payne, Managing Director, Zirkon

We first approached HBB Geo Sales in 2017 when we were exploring the market for a higher quality Japanese Knotweed root barrier with a service to match. As a leader within the Japanese Knotweed & invasive plant species remediation industry, Zirkon and TP Knotweed Solutions carry out a large number of excavations each year. Over the past 5 years we have used HBB Geo Sales as our main supplier for root barrier membranes as the product quality is great and the barrier is also delivered very quickly from their depot, sometimes within very tight timescales. Bruce and his team are also there to provide advice on the products. We would not hesitate to recommend HBB Geo Sales if you are looking for a new supplier.