Highland Council choose HBB to supply and install a Temporary Landfill Cap

The Highland Council once again chose HBB to supply and install a temporary landfill cap on the Seater Landfill Site, close to Wick in the Scottish Highlands.

Since 2017, we have been a regular visitor to a number of the Highland Councils landfill sites to supply and install our temporary landfill capping system.

On receipt of a 3D topo drawing, we scaled a panel plan which allowed us to fabricate our Power Scrim 400 and Net Down temporary landfill capping system into job specific sized pre-welded panels

The job specific sized pre-welded panels were fabricated in our workshop, and then shipped to the job site.

The HBB installation team then installed 13 panels of 20m wide x 33m of Power Scrim 400 and Net Down anchor system.

By suppling job specific sized pre-welded panels, our installation team only had to service 12 x 33m joints, providing a very significant time saving on site, and allowed our team to work in extreme weather conditions, which are common in the Scottish Highlands!

Our temporary capping system was connected to a number of gas pipes as well as a surface water outlet pipe at the low point of the installation, which ensured clean surface water is removed from the active landfill area, very significantly reducing the amount of leachate generated.

For any temporary landfill capping requirements, please contact us to discuss how we can help.