Pre-Seeded Mats

Pre-Seeded Mats

HBB offers a wide range of pre-seeded erosion control blankets that are available in a variety of fibre and seed combinations to offer flexible solutions for every site. With all pre-seeded blankets made to order, HBB mix has been specified.

We offer the following erosion control pre-seeded mats:

  • HBB ReGen Mat Plus improves poor soil conditions with the incorporation of specially developed organic fertilisers and dry micro-organisms. This combination guarantees the best possible germination of the ReGen Mat.
  • HBB ReGen Fresh offers all the benefits of ReGen Plus with the addition of 5mm of top soil incorporated within the blanket. ReGen Fresh has the fastest germination speed of any pre-seeded erosion control blanket as a result of this soil addition.
  • HBB ReGen F3 offers the erosion protection and establishment of ReGen Mat Plus with the benefit of being fire-retardant.
  • HBB ReGen Rock Mat Pre-Seeded combines the benefits of ReGenwith the addition of steel reinforcement mesh for long term protection on vulnerable slopes. An additional benefit of the steel mesh is its ability to protect slopes from burrowing vermin and unwanted animals.
  • HBB ReGen Embankment Mat Pre-Seeded is a high strength, 100% biodegradable erosion control blanket suitable for surface stabilisation in extreme erosion cases and watercourses.
  • HBB ReGen Type 75C Pre-Seeded Composite Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) features a three-dimensional HDPE mesh and 100% coir erosion control blanket.

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